Digital Wallet


Digital Wallet - Available Now!

XCEL Federal Credit Union has some exciting news!

We take pride in offering a faster and safer way to pay!  With our new Digital Wallet, you can make purchases at thousands of retail stores with your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.  We feel that once the economy reopens, Digital Wallet technology will become the norm and the preferred method for making payments at retail stores in the safest way.      

Digital Wallet will be available on XCEL's debit card and credit card through Apple Pay®, Google Pay® and Samsung Pay®! 

What is XCEL’s Digital Wallet?

Our Digital Wallet is a virtual wallet that securely stores all your XCEL card information on your mobile device. 

Why Digital Wallet?

  • Save Time: Transactions done in seconds. 
  • Convenience: Storing multiple cards, debit or credit, digitally in your mobile device.   
  • Secure: Each transaction generates number sequence reducing the risk of your card being compromised.  

XCEL is continually looking for ways to improve our member's experience as well as provide convenience anytime and anywhere.  This allows faster and easier Point of Sale (POS) transactions using your personal mobile devices.