Account to Account

Also known as, A2A, is the ability for you to transfer money, to or from, another account that you may have somewhere else.  Not every credit union and bank offers this service, but we proudly do.  Our savings rates are often much better than the big banks, so we try to make it as easy as possible for you to move your money here.  Fees may apply for outgoing transfers.

For this special service, just follow the online instructions.  Once registered, you will get an email approval.  After you get the email approval, you need to back into Home Banking and continue the set up process.  All the instructions will be in that email.  You should know that there is a test done by YOU to make sure the information you entered is accurate.  This test could take 24-48 hours.  It is nothing more than you trying to transfer a small amount of money, like 0.15¢.

It sounds compliated but it’s really not.

FRAUD ALERT!!! Please be aware that some XCEL members have received a phone call from the number 888-258-5060 claiming to be from XCEL's credit card or debit card Fraud Division. Our Fraud Division will NEVER ask you for your account number!