ASK XCEL is one of the newest features on our webpage, mobile app and Facebook page.  It works very similarly to any Frequently-Ask-Question (FAQ) feature.  However, we feel ASK XCEL will provide you a more definitive answer to your question, you get it immediately and is available 24/7/365 days a year.  In addition, if your question is not answered to your satisfaction, simply submit your question and it will be answered within 1 business day.

Remember that name because ASK XCEL is also our phone number:  973-ASK XCEL (275-9235)

FRAUD ALERT!!! Please be aware that some XCEL members have received a phone call from the number 888-258-5060 claiming to be from XCEL's credit card or debit card Fraud Division. Our Fraud Division will NEVER ask you for your account number!