Estate Planning is about protecting the people you love and preserving your legacy for future generations.

Preparing an estate plan is a personal and highly individualized endeavor necessary to ensure that your wishes are carried out during and beyond your lifetime.  Not all estate plans are created equal.  Whether your estate is large or small, estate planning can help preserve assets, manage money and facilitate in  the administration of your affairs after your death.

A well-executed plan can be designed to:

  • Protect your family
  • Provide for a child with special needs
  • Fund your children or grandchildren education
  • Support a favorite charity
  • Establishment of a trust
  • Minimize tax liability and reduce court costs
  • Distribute your assets in accordance with your wishes

While there are many alternatives that need to be discussed and evaluated, there are also many practical methods available for accomplishing specific goals. Your options include gifting, trusts, charitable bequests, and Life insurance to provide funds for your survivors to help pay debts and estate taxes, all of which may help you direct how things will be finalized when you are no longer here to make the decisions.

Finally, your estate plan is never finished and it should be reviewed periodically with the help and guidance of an estate planning team.

This is where professional expertise can be incredibly valuable.  A good financial advisor understands each individual’s unique situation and will really listen and help guide you through estate planning and provide sound advice based upon your concerns.

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