Kasasa Cash

Kasasa Cash is more than a free checking account. It’s high rates and awesome rewards. Line your pockets with monthly payouts, on top of free checking and no minimum balance required to earn the rewards.

We’ll also pay back your ATM fees  (up $20/per month) nationwide. So no worries if your newfound good fortune takes you across the country. Kasasa has you covered from coast to coast.

If qualifications are met, balances up to $25,000.00 receive 2.01% APY; and balances over $25,000.00 earn 0.03% APY on the portion of the balance over $25,000.00, resulting in a range from 0.03% to 2.01% APY depending on the account’s balance.

FRAUD ALERT!!! Please be aware that some XCEL members have received a phone call from the number 888-258-5060 claiming to be from XCEL's credit card or debit card Fraud Division. Our Fraud Division will NEVER ask you for your account number!